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Keto Chocolate Chips


Keto Chocolate Chips

The wonderful part of living a ketogenic, low carb lifestyle is that practically any recipe can be modified to become a perfectly yummy keto dish!  High carb, low fat pancakes, waffles, and yogurts for breakfast is easy to turn into something keto, bread-laden sandwiches with chips and a milkshake for lunch--no problem.  Potato and pasta with deep-fried chicken for dinner--yup. 

Desserts and snacks however "take the cake" when switching over to a low carb high fat keto lifestyle.  Why? Because desserts are the fun part of a meal, and honestly for me, the fun part of a day.  Almost any snack can be deliciously keto with only a few tweaks.   

Here are just a few keto treats for you to make at home. 

We sweeten our chocolate with stevia and erythritol, two natural sweeteners that do not spike up glucose or insulin levels, AND are the very lowest on the scale to cause tummy problems.