Our Story

I found the keto life through searching for ways to combat fatigue, weight gain, and a mad and wild mood whirlwind.  I then asked the question: Does the root cause of many of these symptoms have something to do with food and lifestyle?  And the answer was...YES!

The ketogenic lifestyle, along with healthy sleep, exercise, and meditation pretty much solved these challenges, so offering clean, natural, keto-sustaining snacks seemed like the best way to give back to the universe...hence the birth of Leafy Mama Keto.

Leafy Mama Keto believes in nourishing the whole body through healthy food, exercise, relationships and mindfulness with a low carb, ketogenic nutrient dense lifestyle.

The keto low carb, healthy fat, super greens way of eating is catching on, and we at LM Keto are here to help facilitate healthy living with keto snacks that will not jeopardize your low carb goals.   

Scouring the world's best recipes, then reimagining them into low carb, high fat, no sugar keto snacks is what we love to do, and sharing our delicious treats with you brings the most joy of all! 

With love,

Melanie, and the keto crew